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defaultВозможность компрессоров (Случай)

б/у компрессоров
Equipment Pictures Synairgies ссылка ИзготовительмодельПотокмощность ( киловатт )давлениеГодПолный часЧас в грузесерийный номеранглийский описаниеEmail

Please check the availibility of product before ordering.
Prices indicated are net prices in Euro and valid for compressed air distributors only as having the knowledge of the technical use and of their local regulation concerning compressed air equipment.
Electrical Compressors are all for usage on 380Volt or 400 Volt/3/50Hz - Otherwise indicated in comments.
Product are sold in state. Not tested otherwise indicated in comments. Not included : packing, shipping, duty, freight, Installation, commissioning, garanties.
We can not warranties the constructors data (pressure-flow) and number of hours. 100 % payment with the order by transfer bank.
Others conditions following our General Terms and Condisitons.
SARL SYNAIRGIES, 54 rue Ernest Macarez, F-59300 Valenciennes - Limited liability company with the capital of 7500 Euros - RCS of Lille - SIRET : 51431412900032 - VAT:FR65514314129


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